Showcase Strings - Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments are in your group?
We have three groups to fit every need and every budget.  Our string quartet consists of the traditional two violins, viola and cello.  The trio is usually two violins and cello. The duo is usually two violins.

What do you play for the ceremony?
We try to honor any reasonable request.  Most brides pick something from our extensive repertoire and we are happy to make suggestions as to what works well for prelude, processional music for the mothers and grandmothers, bridesmaids, and the bride, recessional music and any special music – for example, candle lighting, communion, passing the peace or any other music that you want to include during the service.

Will you perform with a singer or other instrumentalists?
Absolutely!  We are happy to accompany your singer or work with trumpets or organ if you wish.  Since we plan to be ready to play 30 minutes before the ceremony (and are usually there 30 minutes before that), it is almost always possible to run through any music we need to with the others immediately before the ceremony.  If more rehearsal is needed and extra fee would be added.

Can you play special requests?
We try very hard to accommodate special requests.  If you can provide us with piano parts or if we can find the parts to music that is not in our repertoire, we can tell you whether it is possible to play with the combination of instruments you have chosen.  If music needs to be arranged for the group, additional fees may be added, but frequently we can just play from the piano part.

When do you arrive?
We arrive about an hour before the ceremony so that we are set up and ready to begin playing as the first guests arrive (usually about 30 minutes before the ceremony).

Do you ask for a deposit and when is the final payment due?
Yes, we ask for a deposit to hold the date.  The final payment is due the day of the wedding.

When do I have to make my decision about music selections?
We are prepared to play anything on our repertoire list.  If you have deadlines for programs, we will help you make your choices in time to meet those dates.  If you are asking for things not on our list, we need to have those requests a month in advance so that we can determine whether it is possible to play from the piano part of whether the music needs to be arranged.  Arrangements take quite a bit of work and therefore at least a month of preparation and an additional fee.

What do you wear?
We generally wear long black dresses (or dressy pants and tops) – something nice enough to wear if we were attending your wedding as guests.

What do you charge?
The fee depends on the size of the group, the length of time and the travel.  Please call or e-mail for our fee structure.

Can you play outside?
We frequently perform outside and are happy to do so; however, for the sake of our instruments, we can not play outside if there is any rain or mist unless we are completely under cover.  This is non-negotiable and we reserve the right to make the determination as to whether it is safe for our instruments.

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Sue -- 732-244-9125,

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